Peace Garden

Today is Vesakhapuja, the most auspicious date in the Buddhist calendar.

In 2019 we were representing the temple at a meeting of the Runcorn Town Team, a committee made up of councillors, business owners, police, faith leaders and members of the public, all working together to help with the regeneration of Runcorn Old Town.  We were asked around the table if we had any ideas to improve the built environment. 

Just prior to this we had held a large event at the temple on a lovely sunny day.  We noticed that our attendees were looking for somewhere to sit, and some chose to sit on the grassed embankment, adjacent to the temple car park. This is an unused piece of land with a steep slope.  

At the meeting we suggested that, if the local authority have no other plans for this area, perhaps we could obtain permission to create a Peace Garden, an open, publicly accessible terraced garden with seating.  The centre piece would be a tall Chedi, or golden spire.  The idea was warmly welcomed, and we were asked to put forward a written proposal.  We are pleased to say that the concept was approved unanimously by Halton Borough Council.  Since then, we have carried out a ground investigation and had detailed plans drawn up.  We applied for planning permission, and this has been granted in full.  We then liaised with HBC for a new lease to be drawn up, and this was signed by Wat Phra Singh UK in November 2022.  Halton Borough Council are very supportive of the project, and have allocated some grant funding under the Town Investment Plan towards the costs of construction. We now plan to commence building the garden in Spring 23.  We hope very much that this project is well received by the community

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