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October 2021

October was a very busy month for the temple culminating with Ork Phansa, the end of Buddhist Lent on 24th , and our Kathina Celebration on Sunday 31st

Kathina was our first major event since the relaxation of the Coronavirus restrictions and we weren’t sure how many would attend, particularly given the weather forecast for the day.  As it turned out the early morning heavy rain stopped as soon as the ceremony began, then started again as we were packing everything away – perhaps it was meant to be that way 😊.    We were privileged to have eleven monks performing the Kathina ceremony, and estimate that we had around 450 supporters attending throughout the day – a truly amazing event, and our thanks to Edward and Pat Vaughan for offering the Kathina robes this year.

As we are completing the designs and tender packages for the new hall we are busy with various preparation works.  The large Alder tree that was next to the garage on the car park had to be removed as the roots were causing damage to the perimeter wall that will be replaced as part of the project.  We would of course try to avoid cutting down trees wherever possible, but this was unfortunately unavoidable.  To balance this, a donation has been made to The National Trust on behalf of Wat Phra Singh UK to fund the planting of five trees.  We also have some drainage issues that need to be resolved. We obtained a quote for the works which was too high, so we are considering other options at present.

We have held further discussions with Halton Borough Council regarding the Peace Garden, and have now made our planning application for the creation of this public amenity.  We should have their decision by Mid December.

The 2022 Calendars have now been printed, and you are welcome to collect your free copy from the temple.  This year the monks chose to focus on British history, and the calendar features many British landmarks. We hope very much that you like this year’s offering.

The visa applications have now been made for three new monks, all from Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai.  We await the UKVI decisions, and hope that they can travel to the UK towards the end of November.

The monks are continuing their English Lessons with Sally Janes, who is teaching them towards their English B2 qualifications.  We have now booked the monks on their exams to be held in Manchester on 19 Jan 2022.  We’re sure that you will join us in wishing them every success with these exams.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions,


With Metta (loving kindness)

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