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Aug 21

With the monks now in Phansa, the three month Buddhist Lent period, it would normally be a quiet time at the temple, but with the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions the monks have received many invitations to events so we are really quite busy at the moment.  If you are planning to visit the temple to see the monks it is worth calling ahead to make sure that they are available.

We are busy too with ongoing maintenance works with two pressing issues – a severe damp wall in the cellar and an aging flat roof over the toilets.  We have had a CCTV survey of the drains, and erected scaffolding to access the main roof and gutters. There seems to be a number of unrelated issues that need to be addressed, and hopefully we are on top of them.  The flat roof is to be recovered in EPDM rubber which should give us many years service.  After this we plan to renew and extend the courtyard roofing.

The electrical designs for the new hall are now complete, and we are obtaining quotes for the works.  The detailing to the structural design is almost complete, and once we have this we can pass everything to our QS to produce packages for builders quotes.

We heard in early August that Halton Borough Council have been successful with their bid for government funding for their Town Investment Plan, and our two projects are included within this.  We have spoken with HBC and they are keen to accelerate our projects, and it is likely that their funding could be made available in early 2022. Both the New Hall and the Peace Garden are seen as landmark projects to enhance the connectivity goals of Runcorn Old Town, and we are proud to be working with HBC as part of this initiative.

Over the next few weeks we will be busy organising our Kathina event to be held at the temple on Sunday 31 October, and we very much hope you can join us for this.


As always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions,


With Metta (loving kindness)

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