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June 2024

Well, June 2024 turned out to be quite a month!    On Sunday 23 June we held our combined 11th Anniversary celebration and our Si Ra Reuk ceremony for the Peace Garden plinth, and it was an amazing success. We had over 500 supporters attend in the glorious sunshine including many local dignitaries. Our Head Abbot from Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai, Thailand flew over for this auspicious occasion accompanied by monks and lay supporters, and we offer our humble thanks to everyone for their attendance, and to our many supporters who helped to organise such a wonderful event. 

The Si Ra Reuk ceremony is quite a unique occasion where we invited everyone to place items of personal significance into the foundation plinth. As the day was likely to be very busy we had invited local schools and community groups in the days before the event to place their offerings into the nine chambers that make up the plinth.  During the ceremony on the Sunday our Head Abbot, Luang Por Sopano, placed the Si Ra Reuk plaque into the central chamber together with Buddha relics, and this forms the centrepiece of the plinth.  This has now been capped with concrete and sealed.

The 6M tall Chedi that will be mounted onto the plinth will arrive into Felixstowe on Wednesday 3rd July and is likely to arrive at the temple during week commencing 8th July. It will then be erected in stages, with the final top section to be mounted on an auspicious date which is still to be determined.  Following the mounting of the Chedi we will clad the plinth with polished granite, and also complete the handrailings.  We are now working with Halton Borough Council to see if it would be possible to get the Chedi illuminated as that would certainly add to the beauty of the Peace Garden.

The monks are now considering holding a formal unveiling ceremony, perhaps sometime in August / September, but more on this in due course.

There is still some spacing available for anyone who wishes to donate plants, especially herbs and ornamental grasses, and we are now considering some artwork installations that we could erect in the Peace Garden.

With the Peace Garden project reaching completion we will now focus our energy on the new hall project, and are working with Halton Borough Council on putting a grant together to try to secure some funding for the hall which will be another community asset.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions,

Metta (loving kindness)

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