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May 21

This month has seen further easing of the government’s Covid-19 restrictions, and we are cautiously moving towards a more open temple.  In line with current guidelines we are holding our larger events outside on the car park.  These have been well attended, and we have had positive feedback on how well they have been organised which is encouraging.

Our three resident monks have now received their first vaccination, and we would encourage everyone to take their Covid-19 jabs when offered.

We have made some progress with the Natwest banking issues we have been facing.  Our Trust Deed has now been updated with the Charities Commission, and Natwest have eventually accepted our Fresh Mandate application.  We expect that within the next week we will finally have our Debit Cards and Online banking – phew!!

There hasn’t been much progress on the new hall this month as we are awaiting the outcome of the local authority’s application for a government grant towards urban regeneration and our two projects, the new hall and the Peace Garden, are included within that.  We spoke with HBC recently and they are reasonably confident with their application and expect to hear the decision imminently.  As soon as this is received we will proceed with the final structural design.

We have now had another company look at the ongoing wifi issues, and on their advice have purchased new Access Points throughout the temple. These will be installed and configured within the next few weeks and hopefully will resolve the connection problems we have been experiencing.

We are continuing with the cellar refurbishment works and have now almost completed the far room. We have addressed the problems we found with the joists in part of the ceiling, replaced a window and plastered part of the walls.  New racking has been made and the floor painted.  It is now ready for use, and we will then move on to the large room that stores the tables, chairs, marquees etc.  Almost there with the cellar refurbishment and then on to the next project – the courtyard !!!

As always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions,

With Metta (loving kindness)

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