There has been some easing of the Covid-19 restrictions lately, and the government has allowed some controlled opening of places of worship.

Following government advice we tried a partial, controlled reopening of the temple in mid July, however the monks expressed concern over the increases in the number of Covid-19 cases, and became aware of three monks in America who contacted the virus so we took the difficult decision to temporarily close the temple again. We had expected to reopen again in September but the UK saw an increase in the infection rate, and the UK government changed it’s position on gatherings. We are keeping our position under constant review. 

For when we do reopen we have carried out a risk assessment for when we can welcome everyone back and will need to put a few controls in place for everyone’s safety. These include limiting the number of persons in the temple at any one time to ten, wearing of face masks whilst in the temple, use of hand sanitizer gel provided, and social distancing. We will also ask everyone visiting the temple to sign in with their name and a contact phone number, then if anyone who has visited the temple contacts the Coronavirus they should advise us and we can inform those who may have been affected.

We are now able to offer open air services in the temple courtyard at 10:30 each morning for those who wish to attend the temple to offer dana to the monks, of course we ask everyone to comply with the 2M social distancing guidance.

As always, please let us know of you have any comments or suggestions, and we look forward to seeing you all at the temple again soon,

With Metta (loving kindness)

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