Peace Garden

Adjacent to the temple is a sloping, grassed triangle of land belonging to Halton Borough Council.  The plans for the Station Quarter project show this as not being utilised under the current designs so we approached Halton Borough Council to ask permission to create a Peace Garden there as our gift to the Runcorn Old Town community. 

The idea is to level off the embankment as far as possible create some steps and a disabled pathway, carry out landscaping, install bench seating and add a gold coloured stupa in the centre. The stupa will be designed in Thailand and shipped to the UK. The pathway will create a short walking meditation route. The garden will be open and accessible to all. The concept has been approved by HBC who are happy to provide a licence for the works to go ahead.  Once again, we want to pass on our sincere thanks to HBC, we are proud to be working in partnership with them to create a better Runcorn Old Town.