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Unfortunately our contractor has now informed us that there will be a delay to them starting work at the temple. They are tied up with a project in Liverpool that is part of the Eurovision Song Contest developments

We would like to keep you updated on the project works for the temple.
Works have now commenced on Phase 1 of the New Hall Project. This involves the the establishment of the contractor’s compound on the temple car park and closing off the vehicular and pedestrian access points. This also requires the temporarily closing the public footpath and a small section of Top Locks Car Park, this is essential to maintain safety for the public and for our contractors.
We would ask that visitors park on Top Locks Car Park and walk along the front of the building to enter using the double doors into the Public Room of the temple. The works are likely to take six weeks, and will involve realigning the perimeter wall, and some drainage connections. As this work nears completion we will reopen the public footpath and Top Locks Car Park, and then the same contractor will commence work on developing the Peace Garden. This will require erecting temporary safety fencing around the Peace Garden and onto the footpaths on Waterloo Road and High Street. The Peace Garden works are planned to take five weeks.
Some of you may know that we have recently been successful in obtaining two grants, one from Halton Borough Council’s Northern Powerhouse Town Deal programme, and one from Veolia Environmental Trust. A portion of this grant funding is going towards the above works, and is also allowing us to carry out improvements to the existing temple building, including 28 new double-glazed windows and four new external doors.  The installation of the new window units will commence on Monday 3 June and will take two weeks.  So, whilst the above project works are going on there will also be some disruption to the existing temple building. We apologize in advance for this, but it is unavoidable due to the timing of funding and availability of contractors.
The benefit of completing the Phase 1 works for the New Hall Project is that it secures our planning consent, and is affordable from existing temple funds. Also, once this element of work is completed we will be better able to assess the remaining costs to complete the construction of the hall building.
As always, we thank you for your continuing support, and welcome any comments or questions you may have,
With Metta (loving kindness)
Wat Phra Singh UK

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